Planning information

Correct planning for frames and mats+

Please consider the following when planning the installation of a Geggus E·M·S matting system:

  • Customer service: everything from one source… We offer our customers a flexible and mobile service for measuring and installation (digital measuring). Available upon request at extra charge.
  • Optimum fitting: a mat should always be in a frame which is fitted flush with the floor. The measuring and installation of the frame are described on page 39. ›› When ordering, please remember: for Top Clean mats for entrance areas, always state the profile length and the direction of traffic (see fax order form on page 43).
  • When ordering a system consisting of frame with mat or well with mat, please state the outside dimensions of the frame. We will deduct approx. 10 mm for the finished size of the mat (see also tips for laying tolerance on page 42). ›› Existing angle frames: if you already have an angle frame, please state the clear inside dimensions of the frame. We will deduct approx. 5 mm from this to calculate the production size for the mat (see also notes on laying tolerance on page 42).
  • Multi-part mats: for large-size entrance areas, mats with a profile length of more than 300 cm and/or a weight of more than 50 kg should be divided, as they will otherwise be too bulky or too heavy for installation and maintenance.
  • Drainage: when installing the angle frames or wells in outdoor areas, drainage should be provided so that water can drain away (e.g. by making an opening in the screed) or the mat well should be connected to the drainage system.
  • Laying mats without a frame: the Top Clean TREND® mat in the 10 and 17-mm versions can be equipped with a ramped edge so that a well is not required for any subsequent re-laying (see page 40).
  • Mats for heavily frequented areas: for entrance areas with heavy traffic (airports, supermarkets, shopping centres etc.) we recommend our alu-profile mats Top Clean STABIL, Top Clean OBJEKT and Top Clean HIGH, which are equal to these requirements (see pages 24–29).
  • Special designs: for special designs (see page 33) we recommend a weather-resistant and durable PVC template.
  • Important: roll the template; do not fold it. The upper side of the template and the direction of traffic must be indicated. This information is essential for the production of an accurately dimensioned entrance mat.
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